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Who We Area

Who We Are

Dive Deep Home Inspections is a company that employs only certified inspection professionals who have residential construction and/or renovation experience. This practical experience combined with a certification in home inspection becomes an asset that we offer to our customers. 

What We Do

We dive deep into the systems of your home, providing you with a professional Field Performance Review (home inspection) conducted through visual inspection and testing using normal operating controls. Within 24 hours, your Inspector will provide you with a full colour report including pictures, graphics, and recommendations specific to conditions that were present during the inspection. Your inspector will also remain available to you, even after the delivery of your report should you have any additional questions.

What We Do
We value your trust

Why Choose Us

We invite each of our clients to join us through the course of the home inspection. As your inspector comes across note-worthy items, they can be pointed out to you immediately and any questions you have can be addressed at that time. Since each of our inspectors has experience in residential home construction and/or renovations, they will have a better understanding of how this will affect the home and help you to understand why these items are important. Your inspector will remain available to you after the delivery of your report for additional questions or further explanations. After all, your home is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. The more you know and understand, the better you can protect that investment. It would be our honor to guide you through that process. 

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